About Us.

Our business started in 1990 in the University Area of Charlotte. Then in 2000, we moved a little further up on Prosperity Church Rd near surrounding neighborhoods such as Highland Creek and Skybrook.  Change continues in this area, in fact all of Charlotte and beyond, but our business core hasn't changed at all.  We are dedicated to our customers and delivering the best quality work.  

We are always grateful for the new and loyal customers who continue to come to our shop throughout the years. It truly is delightful to say the least, to see customers that have been coming to us since the opening of our shop.  Thankfully, our little shop continues to thrive and grow.  

The bottom line with our work is that WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT WE DO and try our very best to provide quality results. 

... We've been at this for 25 + years ...

Garment Alterations.




  •  Alter/Tweak all kinds of garments

  •  Casual Wear (jeans, khaki pants, t-shirts, Maxi Dresses, etc. You name it)

  •  Formal wear (Suits, Tuxedo, Wedding/Bridesmaid/Prom Dresses, etc.)

  •  Check out our Sewing section to view some work we have done.  

Home Decor Fabric Alterations & Customization.

  •  Resize curtains (width, length, etc.)

  • Customize  just about anything that is "detachable"  related to fabric home decor.  Such as : Curtains, Seat cushions, Covers, ... I charge for labor only so you just supply the material.  Note:  we don't do upholstry.

  •  Check out our Sewing section to view some work we have done.

Monogramming & Embroidery.

Buy / Online Orders.

... Coming Soon ...

  • We will soon offer selection of monogram retail items as well as custom made home decor items. Please check back for details.

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Questions or Interested in a special project related to our services?

Please contact me if you have further questions or interested in a special project. Thanks!  

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